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General Details

Bar series Full Spectrum Led Grow Light is designed specifically for use as supplemental greenhouse lighting, is a full-cycle top-lighting solution for commercial plant cultivation, with the power to scale from vegetative growth to higher light intensities in bloom.

This light is very similar to the much more expensive Fluence SPYDRx, in that they both use Samsung chips and 660nm red light. But Seedz bar light costs about half as much and gives you more power. Also 3-5 years warranty.

Safety ETL Certified and IP54 Rated. Passive cooling, extrusion pure aluminum can 100% ensure heat dissipation. Plants will grow better under the Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights, as well their yield.

Item No.B10-800W  (10 strips)
Light Sourse :Samsung lm561c s6/lm301b/lm301h
Spectrum :Full Spectrum
PPF:1840/2240/2480 umol/s
PPF Efficacy :2.3/2.8/3.1 umol/J
Input Power :800W±5%
Input Valtage :100-277v
Fixture Dimensions :47x42x4.5 inch (1200x1071x113.6mm)
Mounting Height :6-12 inch
Light Distributions :120degree
Lifespan :50000hours

Bar Type LED Grow Lighting

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